I was thinking about how when you say, “Eat healthy and move your body” people’s eyes glaze over and they start thinking of beaches in exotic places. Yeah - I don’t think it’s exciting enough. I need a BIG BOLD FLASHY EXCITING SEXY marketing campaign to tell people what they already know. Repackage the truth to make it seem new and appealing. I think people want QUICK fixes and FAST results and that’s why they take pills, do cleanses, and starve themselves of calories. They want to undo quickly what generally takes some time to create.

I get it. If I could be a genie and wiggle my nose and be exactly where I want to be I’d be tempted…

BUT. What if there are things to be learned in the process? What if there are things that need to be accomplished so that when you get to your goal, you can…maintain it? And what if, just like training for a race…it takes time for your body to adjust to what you’re teaching it?

Here’s the boring truth. It takes diligence and mindfulness. It’s not sexy. It may not be exciting in the way that you’d like. But it IS the truth.

*Love yourself. *Eat a Rainbow of Fruits & Vegetables. *Whole grains. *Move your body in a way that pleases you. And remember that the forces you put on your body, shape it. You can’t change what you’ve been given structurally (like going from 5’2” to 5’10”), but you sure can make what you’ve been blessed with fantastic. *Drink Water. *Get fresh air. *Breathe deeply and Quiet your mind from time to time throughout the day. *Try to get and stay ‘connected’ – Mind, Body, Spirit *Don’t overeat. *Slow down – eating a meal isn’t a race. *And if you’re not hungry, but eating – consider asking yourself, “Why?” *Practice JOY.

I’m so sorry it’s not more sexy. I wish it was. Blessings to you on your journey. Peace, Love, Joy S