Just Starting Out

Sometimes when you’re trying to figure out how to get exercise into your life – it can be really overwhelming. It can just seem impossible to GET STARTED. I remember. I really do. I remember trying to figure out WHAT to do and WHEN to do it and then dealing with HOW IT FELT. It was just too much. Sometimes it made me afraid to actually do it.

I didn’t look like the skinny people out there jogging. I wiggled and jiggled and didn’t know what to wear. I was afraid people would laugh at me. My armor was my baby’s jogging stroller. At least I could be proud of the fact that I had a baby and was out there EXERCISING. Wasn’t I amazing? But without my jogging stroller I felt naked. Exposed. Like a poser PRETENDING to be an exerciser. I would go to our local running store and get all sweaty shopping – like I didn’t belong there.

Here’s the deal. If you let fear stop you from doing what you want…fear will stop you from doing what you want.

My friend and fellow bootcamper Andy suggested a class where people could just GET STARTED. Because maybe the word bootcamp was too scary – “Oh heck no…that’s too hardcore for me.” (It's not by the way:)

So that’s what I’m doing. Because I remember.

If you or someone you know wants to get started, but hasn’t found the right fit or right place or right person – suggest my Just Starting Out class. Because sometimes….you just need.to.start.

Here’s the class description: "This is a class for people who don’t feel ready to come to any of the other classes. This is a class designed to get you ready for the other classes and to give you CONFIDENCE. Sometimes, figuring out where to start and how to get going is tough. This is the class for you. We’ll work on increasing your cardiorespiratory endurance, strengthening your muscles and building your spirit. All it takes is that first step and you’ll be on your way. Let this class be your first step."


xo.peace.joy, Sarah