Skydiving Lessons

I used to be a skydiver. Crazy, right? It brought me great pleasure and some amazing friends. But the thing I’m most grateful for is that skydiving taught me some MAJOR life lessons. Have you ever done something really overwhelming? So overwhelming that you freeze like a deer in headlights? That’s what skydiving was for me at the beginning.

So my instructors taught me to break the jump into pieces. In the case of skydiving it was: 1) Put your feet out and stop. (Heck you gotta take a pause and collect yourself!) 2) Climb all the way out. (Be mindful of your choices moving you forward.) 3) Look up. (Be aware, be awake, look around, concentrate on where you are. Stay in the present.) 4) Jump! (Let go. Be unafraid – or better, don’t let fear control you…face it and tell it to piss off.)

These life lessons have followed me and helped me take on a new city, a couple of new jobs, marriage, parenthood, new career, learning to swim. Skydiving taught me that I could do ANYTHING.

If you’re new to me and what I do, I bet that coming to a new class makes you uncomfortable a little, no? New experiences are weird and make us feel funny and uncomfortable.

    I get it.

New things make me sweaty and nervous too. They play on all our red buttons – fear of failure, fear of making an ass of ourselves, performance anxiety, perceived competition and ‘losing’, self doubt. AAAAHHH! It's enough to make you not want to do ANYTHING.

But I propose that it is in THAT discomfort that we learn stuff. That discomfort is some fertile ground.

My point? If you’re afraid to come and check out my classes because of the word ‘BOOTCAMP’, for example, don’t be. In my classes, we teach in gears. 1st gear, 2nd gear, 3rd gear etc. And you put yourself where you want to be, but you’ve generally got somewhere 'next' to go. We also - thanks to skydiving - break things into pieces so that it’s not so overwhelming.

So...Put your feet out and stop. Climb all the way out. Look up. Jump! Sarah FirstSkydive