“Strong is the new thin…” – Unknown

I’ve been thinking a lot over the winter about what incredible pressure we have to be thin. Pressure from ourselves, our partners, our society, our media, our country. (Though if you can step back from the media one it’s a pretty funny dichotomy – on one hand telling us how we should look and on the other hand ramming junk food and soda ads down our throats…crazy.) Sometimes, if you let it, it can give you a big case of the “not good enoughs.” Believe me, I know this tape. Back when I was a kid, my brother called me Spud Butt – and ever since, I’ve been obsessed with the size of my butt. Imagine me turned around in a mirror muttering: “Why is it the size of Nebraska? I don’t understand!!” (ps – genetics.)

My point is that I’ve given up on being thin. I don’t want it anymore. I don’t want to look like an emaciated model, nor do I want to live a life that would put me there. I like food. Also I want some PIPES…haha!

So – I’m embracing a new motto that I heard somewhere in something I read by someone I don’t remember…BUT I LOVED IT.


Man there is nothing like seeing someone successfully perform their first toe pushup, or their first set of tricep dips (when I started I could only do 7!) There’s nothing like watching a person MOVE their body and feel good in it. The space expands around them and you can tell that they feel strong, confident, and good. And you know what? That has nothing to do with thinness.

Let’s all banish the idea or goal of “getting thin.” Instead, let’s grab onto the idea of “being strong.” Because it is through this strength that: 1) Your increased lean muscle will improve your metabolism 2) Your strength will affect your posture 3) Your strength will help you functionally move in your life (like moving something heavy without throwing your back out.) 4) Your strength will help remind you of your body. “Hey buddy…remember me? I’m part of your mind, body, spirit equation – quit dumping crap into me and expecting me to be able to perform. Give me some good stuff in normal portion sizes. We’re in this together.” 5) Your strength will expand outward and affect other things perhaps – work, personal life, hobbies…how? Because you’ll feel better about yourself.

Let’s give them a run for the money people. Let’s turn it all around. Let’s be our best and do our best and not worry about the size of our pants. The size of your pants is a happy byproduct of living well, loving yourself and being strong.

Peace! Sarah