Nuts & Bolts

Here we go! Did you know that the general recommendations for fitness include 3-5 cardio days and 3-5 strength days a week? Sounds like a lot right?

The thing I really like to do is combine them. This is what I try to do across my schedule. It’s not just cardio. It’s not just strength work. It's not just flexibility. It’s all of it. Now add in that I try to work your body out from top to bottom and you’re covered!

So here’s a list of ten things to do:

1) Look at the calendar – decide on some classes. Note the locations on the calendar (because we move around). 2) Map out your workout week. Put it into your phone, book and calendar. These are your appointments to be honored. 3) Get some really good, inspiring goals. Goals help you with number 2. They help you stay focused and they remind you why you’re waking up so bloody early etc. 4) Eat well. Drink water. When you regularly exercise, your body needs good nutrition and plenty of water – simple as that. 5) Class Day – Wear clothes you are comfortable and can move in. I really like synthetic fabrics that wick the moisture away from your body. Champion brand at Target is affordable. Cotton gets wet and stays wet and then there’s the chafing. 6) About chafing – Great product called Body Glide you can get at exercise/running stores. However, if you have some petroleum jelly around or Crisco…rock on. Anything to avoid chafing. Just put it on where you have rubbing. 7) Shoes – I’m a big believer in good shoes. Socks – same. Wicking socks help w/ no blisters. 8) But really – you can forgo all of this if you want to. These are just tips that have helped me over the years. Just come – and don’t worry about what you’re wearing. There’s no right or wrong thing to wear. What matters is that you’re there and moving your body. Just be comfortable. 9) Bring a towel or a yoga mat that you don’t mind getting dirty. I’m a huge sweater – copious amounts of sweat flows from my body (is this oversharing?) so I also bring a hand towel. 10) Bring your water bottle.

IMPORTANT – Before you leave, check right here --> to the right--> for class cancellations. It will be the only way you’ll be notified. Generally I only cancel if there’s bad weather (lightning and pouring rain for example – or apparently snow – anything’s possible in MN) or if I’m sick. But it doesn’t happen too often if we’re having a cooperative weather season.

When you get there, look for my Honda Pilot – I’ll be sitting on the tailgate and smiling hello. I’m annoyingly cheerful – especially early in the morning. Character flaw - I apologize in advance. On your first day of class, you’ll have a little paperwork to fill out (a thing called a Par-Q that is a small health questionnaire and a waiver) so come a few minutes early. You buy your punchcard or pay the drop-in rate – new this year is that I can keep your punchcard on file so you don’t have to carry it around or lose it (which happens from time to time.) Also – I have a box for your car keys that I lock in the car. Mmm what else? I guess that’s all I can think of.

Please e-mail me if you have any questions at all at

Very excited to see you:) Peace!