“Clear your mind of can’t” – Samuel Johnson

The mind is such a powerful thing. It can propel you into choices, movement, action…or, it can make you stop dead in your tracks. Everybody’s different around the word can’t. But can’t is a mindset. And it is a word that makes your mind, your intention, your action stop. It’s a powerful word.

My mantra in response to my children’s “I caaaaaan’t” is…”You can DO anything.”

So, if I want them to believe it – I have to believe it.

I think can’t should be struck from the English language.

Don’t want to? Fine. Have no desire to? Fine. Not important to me? Fine.

But can’t? That’s crap. Can’t is a choice not to try. And trying is what gives your life color. Failing is what gives your life color. Succeeding? Well…that’s the cherry on top of a lot of effort and…color.

So paint it up. Try. Do things that make you uncomfortable. Press into those feelings of “I can’t” with your chin up and a defiant, “Yes. I can. I can DO anything.” Be fearless.

See you out there – we’ll recognize each other…we’ll be the ones carrying paintbrushes.

Peace. XO. Joy. Sarah