A few of you have heard this story – I tell it again with love. Because my dad reads my posts:) Awhile back, I was pregnant for the second time. And while I was pregnant, I got this idea in my head that I would celebrate my 40th birthday (20 months after my daughter would be born) by running the Twin Cities Marathon.

Seemed like a perfectly reasonable goal to me. Plus it would give me a little much needed time and space to myself for training. By the way, running still very much gives me that.

So, my dad calls and after the catch-up part of the conversation, he asks what’s new? I tell him that I’m planning on running my first marathon in 20 months.

And my dad, who has known me all of my 44 years and knows me through and through, says…wait for it…

“You can’t do that.”

-What? Are you kidding me? Do you not know me?

In the land of Sarah, them thar are fighting words. I was the kid that didn’t need a triple dare, double dare was completely sufficient. Tell me I can’t do it? Kiss my ass – I CAN DO ANYTHING.

My point is this. I think that sometimes, the hairy little spot that hangs out in the back of our brain whispers these words to us. “You can’t do that!” “How could you think you could ever do that?” “What were you thinking?” "You will fail." "Why are you even trying?"

That little voice pisses me off.

I’m here to tell you – YOU.CAN.DO.ANYTHING. Anything at all. You just have to freaking want it, work for it, and then DO IT.

Whatever your goals are, dreams are, aspirations are…you can do it.

Just shut down the little negative whispers either in your head or in your ear. And embrace your power. You can do anything.