Choices and Voices


I was thinking about all of the choices we’re faced with each day – from the simple things like ‘should I shower’ (you’d be surprised how much I have to make this choice…) to ‘how do I choose my life’s path’? It’s a crazy thing, choice.

Maybe it sounds crazy (I’m confident it will, but I don’t give a rip) but my alignment and my connection with something bigger than me help me to make choices – big and small. How? Well…I trust that my instincts, my quiet inner voice, is telling me the right answer. I have a lot of confidence in my inner voice. It has never led me astray…ever.

The things that people have asked me about when I talk to them about this are questions like this:

Well how do you know that you’re not just telling yourself what you want to hear? Or Well isn’t that just your own voice, not necessarily something bigger? Or Well why do you need faith or a mind, body, spirit connection to tell you where do you go? Or Isn’t that just free will?


I don’t have any way to calm the chatter in other people’s minds. That’s their job. My job is to calm the chatter in my mind. To sweep and dust away the little devils that creep around and make my voice so quiet that I can’t hear it. Or that make me doubt what my inner voice is telling me. To be still enough to hear.

All I can say is this – when I’m aligned. When my mind is clear, and my body is healthy, and my spirit is open…I hear things very clearly.

One time my dad preached about this when I was in high school. He likened it to stepping on a light box ala Michael Jackson in the “Billie Jean” video – where he stepped, a light came on. Now, I was 15 years old and believe you me, I had what he was talking about. It wasn’t until later. And he’s right…that’s kind of what it’s like. I also feel like I’m ‘plugged in’ when I’m aligned.

When I’m plugged in, or standing on my light box…where I’m supposed to go and what I’m supposed to do becomes really clear. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve made mistakes of EPIC proportions. But generally that’s when I wasn’t listening to that quiet, inner voice or ignoring it completely.

Tell me – what does it feel for you when you JUST KNOW? When you JUST KNOW what you’re supposed to do (even if it’s difficult) and you know where you supposed to go, what you’re supposed to be doing, and who you’re supposed to be with, how you’re supposed to share your time and talents. These are very big questions and I think…when you get right down to it…you just know. The answers are there when they’re meant to show up…and if you can quiet things down and listen…you’ll hear them.

Left, right. Up, down. In, out. Whatever you’re facing. Whatever choices are right there in front of you. Be unafraid of that small voice. Sometimes, though it doesn’t tell you what’s comfortable or what you want to hear, it really can be the very best thing for you.

Peace to you on your journey.

There is a small voice inside of you That whispers all day long "I feel that this is right for me I know that this is wrong." No teacher, preacher, parent, friend Or wise man can decide What's right for you -- just listen to The voice that speaks inside. --Shel Silverstein