Be YOU, not an imitation.


Recently I joined Twitter. In retrospect, I’m not really sure why, as it currently seems like a gigantic life suck. But there it is. While I was perusing some of the people on Twitter – I got really excited to see some amazing female trainers who were promoting strength, and lifting weights, and how important resistance training is for women. Nice! I was stoked. So I started exploring and following and researching these trainers.

All of a sudden, in the middle of it…I started asking myself these crazy questions:

“Holy crap! Look at all of these people doing these amazing things. Should I be doing these amazing things too?"

“What AM I doing?”

“What is my niche?” (please…don’t laugh.)

“What is my marketing image?”

“Who AMMMM I?”

“What in the HELL am I doing???”

I swear to you there was some crazy existential questioning going on…and guess what else? The start of feeling 'less-than'.

Today I woke up – deleted about half of the people I was following and then got to the heart of it.

I dig me. I really like what I do. I really like the people I do it with. And unlike the pre-packaged, mass marketed stuff going on…I kind of like the relationship that develops between me and the people I work with. I’m different. And different is good. No…different is GREAT.

It got me thinking about how much comparison shopping we all do. Looking around…look at him – he’s got great style, maybe I should have great style. Look at her, she’s so thin…I wish I was that thin. Look at them, they seem so happy, maybe I should find someone and be happy too.


Friend – you are perfect as you are. You are growing, changing, learning and evolving each day. And you are different – and THAT is what makes you beautiful. You are different from me and I’m different from you.

Delight in yourself. Celebrate your difference. BE different. And for (*&)(*& sake, don’t compromise. Be FULL OF AWESOME. Shine. And stop comparing. You’re a gift. So unwrap the packaging and show yourself. 

Peace, Sarah