Negative Self Talk


Today my daughter said something like, “ACK I almost forgot my water bottle!” then she whacked her head and then said, “that would have been dumb of me.” Quicker than quick, my husband says to her, “Be careful with that kind of talk Ava.” They proceeded to have a discussion about self talk and how powerful it is.

I’ve been wrestling with some negative self talk lately. I have a big exam coming up and over the course of the past six months or so – these are the statements that have swirled around me – in my head, out of my mouth, around and around…

“I’m not a good test taker.” “I have a lot of anxiety around test taking” “I’m not good at math” “It seems like I can’t remember ANYTHING”


Self talk. How does the saying go? “Be careful with self talk – it’s a conversation with the Universe.”

I find it ironic that I teach this to my clients, to my children, and yet this ONE BIG RED PAINFUL SCARY SPOT brings my self talk back down to self defeating, self flagellation, self doubt.

So for the past two weeks or so I’ve been trying to practice what I preach.

I can. I am. I will.

Words that I apparently need tattooed on my body so that I can remember them better.

I can. I am. I will.

No negatives, just positives.

I can pass this test. I can do this. I can do anything. I am brilliant. I am capable. I am smart. I am great at retaining and recalling information. I will be confident and calm while taking this test. I will rock this test. I will pass this test.

What are you telling yourself today? What words are you telling yourself that are dragging you down? Making you feel less than? What beliefs do you have about yourself that aren’t REAL, but you keep telling yourself the words and therefore reinforcing the belief?

Enough now.

Words are powerful. And they can change your reality.

So – take a listen. And then, replace the negative self talk with something good. Even if it seems absurd. Or unrealistic.

(Believe me…it was really difficult for me to type ‘I am brilliant’…)

And keep replacing them…until you’re not saying them anymore. Because you’re worth it. And you’re deserving. And you need to be your own advocate.

I am. I can. I will.

Peace, Sarah