Our family just got back from vacation.  It was a slice of heaven tucked into the Northwest corner of Montana.  I learned something – or relearned it – or was reminded of it – I guess?  I like to move.  My body likes to move. 

But the thing is…I’ve been ‘in training’ for the whole summer.  And with training, comes structure.  And I relax into structure.  There is some comfort in knowing what you have to do and when you have to do it.  It’s a building of blocks one at a time moving you forward toward a goal. 

Just before vacation, I was faced with a choice.  I was having physical challenges during my runs that weren’t getting better.  It was turning my training ‘not fun’ and my body was speaking to me in the form of some serious back discomfort.   So – I had two choices.

One.  Hang in there.  Gut it out.  Try to figure it out.  Go to my Muscle Activation Specialist and my Massage Therapist who specializes in myofascial release.  Man before my vacation we were trying to  On top of their amazing work…Yoga? Check.  Physical Therapy exercises?  Check.  Obsessive stretching?  Check.  Rolling?  Check. 

Or two.  Step away and let my body settle down and enjoy my vacation. 

After some soul searching and listening to my body, I gave up on my goal to complete another marathon and picked NUMBER TWO. 

And let me tell you – enjoy my vacation is what I did.  I took two weeks OFF.  I swam.  Hiked.  Whitewater rafted.  Played with my kids.  Climbed.  Descended.  Ran around.  Walked.  Spelunked.  Canoed.  Alpine sledded.  Ziplined.  Biked.  Did this cool suspended ropes course.  It.was.just.awesome. 

I realized that as much as I like the structure of training…I also really liked just incorporating movement into my day. 


Exercise programs are great.  They provide you with direction – a goal – a structure.  Good stuff. 

But also…moving around in your daily living.  Seeking out movement in a way that makes you happy.  That is also really, really good.  

Have a dance party in your kitchen.  Go for a walk around the block.  Go for a bike ride with a friend.  Take a swim in a lake.  Streeeeetch.  Clean your house.  Garden.  Help a friend move.  Lift some boxes in your basement.  Take piles of bags to Goodwill.  Put together some shelves from IKEA. 

Move.  Move.  Move. 

Your body was meant to move. 

Peace.  Love.  Joy.