It’s the morning of the Twin Cities 10 Mile and Twin Cities Marathon.  It’s cold out, but the sun will be shining and the leaves bright orange, yellow and red.  It’s a magical morning. I’m as excited as if I were running it myself.  I have clients in the 10 mile and a friend running his first marathon.  Soon, I will layer up – grab my cowbells – and get out there to cheer.  If you’ve never been to watch a race before, this is a great one.  It is filled with people with fun things on their shirts:

“This seemed like a good idea 4 months ago…”


“Nice active man seeking nice active woman – please call ###-####”

and a variety of expressions on their faces:





My stop is around the 24.5 mark or the 8.5 mark for the 10 mile.  I’ve cheered various places on the route – including the top of the ‘big hill’ but I think my spot is the greatest.  It’s at this place on the route where people are starting to see light at the end of the tunnel.  They’re starting to think, “I can REALLY DO THIS!”  And this feeling, kind of, sometimes, overrides their pain.

I’ve seen it all out there – bleeding nipples, poopy pants, Chewbacca (seriously), and someone carrying a flag the whole way.  And every year, I layer up and go out and yell.

Each person I see inspires me.  Each face tells a story.  By the time they reach me at that part of the course, there are no filters.  Whatever they are feeling is right on their face.  And it is beautiful.

So – go get ‘em runners.  Race Happy.  And we’ll be out there cheering for you and your amazing journey.