New Things


I like doing new things.  It terrifies me, but I like that feeling.  It’s not often that a 46 year old mother of two feels that electric feeling of “WHAT IN THE HELL AM I DOING??” The first time I felt it was when I did a story (I used to work in television) on skydiving.  In a way, I think I felt I’d been sleeping my whole life until I made that first skydive.  Detractors would say that it’s seeking an “adrenaline rush.”  Meh.  It was more than that, for me anyways.

I like learning and doing new things.

Many things followed.  I don’t become a MASTER at them.  But I like the beginning stages of complete, “Wha??” followed by “Ohhhh I might be getting this.”

With every sport or hobby, there is a learning curve.  There’s a new language.  There’s a new culture.  There are new people to befriend.  I love it.  I love peppering my life with all of these amazing people who do some of these things EXTREMELY WELL.  Lifers.

sarah skydiving.jpeg

Me, I like to jump around and dip my toe in and explore.

A partial list:

Skydiving – Doing something completely unnatural – jumping out of an airplane – requires good people, equipment and teaching.  I was blessed to find this at my dropzone in Michigan.  Forever my family, bonded by love of this crazy sport that was technical, physically challenging and timebound.  Loved.  Why did I leave?  My gear got stolen and I became a mom.  Other things took precedence.

Running – Well, I still love running.  But I remember when I wasn’t a runner and was fascinated by long distance running.  How could a human body propel itself forward for many, many miles?  It was unnatural!  So I bit into some longer distances and found out.  I loved the solitude and the meditative quality of running.  I still do.  My body doesn’t love the longer distances as much and now I get a little bored, but I still love it.

Triathlon – Ahhh triathlon.  Never boring.  People are helpful, supportive, and eager to teach.  Three sports to master??  Crazy talk.  Considering I had never had a swimming lesson in life and open water FREAKED me out, doing triathlon was HUGE.  I loved the variety of training and still do.  I took a break from it for a year, but will be delighted to return.

Pilates – I tried it.  It didn’t work for me, but I tried it.  My friend and I took partner classes for a winter and it was fun.  Not for me, but fun.

Weightlifting – LOVE.  The end.  I will always weight train in some capacity.

Swimming – Here’s what I love about swimming….I’m terrible at it.  Truly.  When I bellied up to my gym’s Master Swim Class I was shaking with fear.  It took me 2 years to feel confident enough to go to that class.  I would watch them swim and wonder at their ability to swim with such ease.  Crazy.  But I went and you know?  Again – people were so amazing and helpful.  The coach was incredible and she laughingly told me after attempting the butterfly, “Sarah, maybe we should do some one on ones.”  Hahaha!  I’m excited to go back.

Crossfit – This is new.  Again, new language, new movements, certainly a new culture.  But the people?  Super nice, helpful and hopeful that they can teach this old dog some new tricks.  My body may not agree…we’ll see.

My point is this.  Do what you love.  Me?  I love to move my body and learn new things.  I like to meet new people.  I like to try all sorts of new stuff!  It makes me feel alive in a way that I can’t put words on.

My future will hold at some point:

Yoga, Boxing, Karate, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Group Meditation, Cycling, Bellydancing (why not?), Hip Hop Dance (why not?), Olympic Lifting, Salsa Dancing, Roller Derby, Australian Rules Football...and more...

Wherever you are on your wellness journey, think on it.  What do you love?  What makes you feel alive?  What brings you pleasure?  Seek it out and DO THAT.

Because exercise isn’t supposed to be a dirty word.  Exercise is SUPPOSED TO BE FUN.

Get out there.  Anyone wanna take a bellydance class with me?