Poopy Street


Have you ever just felt poopy?  Flumpy?  Schlumpy?  Please feel free to add any more made up words that fit - ___________________. ___________________. ___________________.


Sometimes…I feel poopy.

Sometimes…I can’t get my groove on.

Sometimes…sweatshirts and stretchy pants just seem to feel reallllllly good.

Sometimes…putting makeup on and doing my hair just seems like a crapload of work.

Do you ever feel like this?  Like you just want to blend into the woodwork?  Like you just want to cover up and not be seen?  Like hiding from mirrors?

Or am I the only one?

I think the slide into winter brings it out for me.  Layers upon layers of clothes, hats on heads, dry skin that no amount of hydration can apparently reach, where shaving can, in some places (read the upper Midwest), be optional.  Where down coats, no matter what color they are,... arrrrrrre down coats.

Here’s the visual of what people THINK you can wear in 1 degree weather…


And here is what we REALLY wear…



Now you couple that up with the other things (read: comfort foods) that go along with cold weather and you have got yourself a POOPY PARTY.

*Stews *Potato Chips *Chili (we call it Frito Pie here in the tundra) *Thanks-GIVING with all the trimmins! *Potato Chips (wait…did I already say that?)


When I’m in this place, it’s really easy to go down a road that I call “Poopy Street” and it is not a fun road to travel.  Generally it involves a bunch of self-flagellation, punishing words, and abuse.

“What the HELL Sarah?  Do you have to take a swan dive into EVERY BAG OF POTATO CHIPS YOU MEET?”  And the like…

This year, I’m fighting the magnetic force pulling me down Poopy Street.  I’m going to take a NEW STREET – one that involves SELF KINDNESS, MINDFULNESS, MEDITATION, AND SELF CARE.  On the agenda:

*Daily meditation *Reading books and watching videos that fill me up instead of deplete me *Changing my attitude toward workouts so that they make me feel really good and empowered instead of making me feel even more weak and poopy *Quiet *Self care in the form of facials, haircuts, and maybe some waxing…haha! *Fresh air *Freshly juiced juices *Good eats *Laughter – especially at myself. *Fun *Keeping my center *Embrace mantra: I.LOVE.ME.I.DIG.ME.I ACCEPT MYSELF UNCONDITIONALLY RIGHT NOW!

Who’s with me?

Peace, Love, Joy (especially for yourselves) Sarah