February is Self Love Month (aka Be Your Own Valentine)


A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about being a new mom and trying to figure out how to carve some space out for exercise. (See "You're Worth It" here.)  It reminded me of a time that carving out ANY TIME for self-care seemed impossible. Truth be told – in some ways, I’m no better than I was when I had very little children.  Sometimes, I don’t practice what I preach.

I got to thinking about Self Love.  And making some time to do things that show our insides that we really love ourselves.  And I found myself lacking in some areas.  And I’m a little embarrassed by them.

For me, shaving right now is not really a priority.

Lotion?  I need lotion.  But do I take the time to put it on?  No.

Daily Face regimen?  Um.  No.

Regular haircut?  Ack.  No.

Now you add in – special treats like MASSAGE, or BODYWORK, or EPSOM SALT BATHS, or CUPS OF TEA AND BOOKS FOR PLEASURE…things I really like.  And I’m not just lacking, I’m DEFICIENT.  Why?  Why don’t I make some space for this stuff when it makes me feel so damn good?

Well – there’s a list:

*Time – yup, I don’t make the time.

*Appointments annoy me because they take so much time.

*I forget my needs.

*I forget what fills my well.

*Too expensive.

Blah blah blah blah blah.



What about you?  Do you honor your self-care and shower yourself with self-love?  If so, HOW!?  And if you don’t, WHY NOT?!

For the month of February, I’m going to go on an adventure.  Will you join me?  Let’s throw out the list of excuses – because excuses suck and stop you from doing what you might really need.  Excuses stop you from filling your well. Let’s seek out opportunities to shower ourselves with self-love.  Why?  I am repeating myself until we get it, “Because you’re worth it.”  Because IT’S worth it.  It’s so worth it to walk out of whatever appointment and feel shiny and full up.  To feel relaxed and stretchy.  To feel calm and centered.

It’s worth it.  You’re worth it.

Up first?  Thai Yoga Massage.  I’ll let you know how that goes.

Peace, Love, Joy and SELF LOVE!