Self Love - Thai Yoga Massage


February is SELF LOVE month in Turino Fitness land.  This is the month to be your own Valentine.  To seek out ways to treat yourself kindly and shower your beautiful self with care. This month – we’ll be highlighting a few of the amazing people that offer self-care where I work – Tula Yoga and Wellness.  Why?  Because I have availed myself of their services and they.are.amazing.  If you’re not from around here, seek out practitioners of some of the modalities that you’ll be reading about this month.

First up?


This is Gudrun Carroll Brooks


Gudrun is my colleague at Tula and is passionate about educating and spreading the word about the benefits of Thai Yoga Massage.  You can check out her video here.

This morning – I had a tough workout.  My body felt crickity and ‘old’.  I was tiiiiiired and stiff.  On a whim, I texted Gudrun about getting in for my very first Thai Yoga Massage…she texted me back and 1 ½ hours after my workout, I was IN.

What is Thai Yoga Massage?  I had no idea.  It had the word massage in it so…yay!  And pretty much, that was all I knew.  Here’s what Gudrun says:

“Thai yoga massage is based on something called "Metta" which means "loving kindness".  When the practitioner sets this intention for the recipient, it comes through in the massage and can be extremely powerful.  Metta, in addition to customizing the postures and touch for each person encourages healing.  It is wonderful.”

How does Thai Yoga Massage help people?   

“There are so many ways that this type of massage helps people.  There are the physical ways, like increasing circulation and blood-flow, stretching the body and muscles, increasing joint mobility and releasing stagnant energy.  In addition, it is calming, nurturing and relaxing, decreasing stress and balancing the body physically and energetically.”

What can people expect when they come?  

“People can expect a comprehensive, full-body treatment that is customized to their needs and wants. This type of massage is different for each person and is always based on the individual.  I take into account their body type, physical abilities or limitations and desired pressure, which can range from soft and gentile to strong and deep.  They will be in good hands and free to relax!”

Why would you tell someone to try it?   

“Because it feels so great and has so many benefits - more than traditional modalities.  And because it is performed clothed.  I think for this reason alone, it serves more people more comfortably.”

My experience is this – it’s different than a massage because she’s manipulating your body and moving it into wonderful positions in addition to massage.  She’s incredibly strong and I just melted into her hands.  You’re on a mat on the floor.  You keep your clothes on.  She had told me I might get chilly and to keep on my sweatshirt even.  Truth.  When I go again, I’ll be wearing my big fluffy socks.  The touch isn’t deep or sharp.  It’s long and smooth.  I never felt like she was putting an elbow into something or like I wanted to gasp in pain.  It was more like she was stretching my muscles FOR ME.

My favorite parts:

*That you can just let your body turn to jello and let her do her thing.  She doesn’t need you to lift your leg etc. she does it for you.

*My feet are in love with Gudrun.  And ask anyone who is close to me, I’m not a feet girl.  I don’t like people touching my feet.  They are VERY.TICKLISH.  Not with Gudrun.

*My hips are more open.  If you listen closely, you can hear them singing harmony.  Serious.

*She has this lavender oil that she uses on her wrists so that you can smell it above your face as she rubs your face at the end.   Afterwards, you feel delicious.  But the beauty was as the day went on, I felt really stretchy.  Heaven.

I’m going to sound like a broken record this month, but you are so worth some self-love.  Take a minute and land on a little something today that reminds you to take sweet care of yourself.  Besides my Thai Yoga Massage today, I showered.  Woohoo!

Much peace, love, joy.