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I am FEELING this self-love month.  All month I’ve been seeking out small ways to shower a little care on my beautiful self.  I’ve even.made.appointments.  Awesome.  I’ve even taken myself on a 24 hour retreat.  Crazy.  How about you? Today is my very first SourcePoint appointment with the radiant Elizabeth Eilers Sullivan.  Elizabeth is one of my favorite colleagues.  When we’re in the same space together, there is much laughter.  We try not to look at each other during meetings…here she is:


So Elizabeth is a wonderful yoga instructor, but she is also a SourcePoint practitioner.  Let me start this by telling a very brief story – around one year ago, I developed this weird tumor thing on my neck.  As a former smoker, I was trying to fend off the idea that I had throat cancer until the doctor could confirm or deny (it was not...yay.)  But UNTIL then, I had this pretty awful feeling in the pit of my stomach.  One day, I went to Tula for something or another and pretty much bumped into Elizabeth.  She asked how I was, and for some reason I overrode my Midwest inclination to say, “fine” and told her the truth.  I was scared witless.  Elizabeth, took me in her hands – one hand at my back I think and the other on my throat.  She was utterly calm and confident.  And she … calmed me.  And the thing on my neck SHRUNK – it came back, but IT SHRANK DOWN TO A MARBLE SIZE.  That my friends is some POWERFUL stuff.  So, let’s learn about it:

What’s SourcePoint?

Elizabeth:  SourcePoint Therapy is simple but profound healing modality that is based on the principle that there is a blueprint for human health, the information of order, balance, harmony, and flow, that we are born into and connected to, by removing primary blockages that occur from living in the world, our health is better able to flow with ease throughout our whole body. In short, SourcePoint Therapy is a remembering of wellness or simply put of hope.

Do you have to be ‘hurt’ or ‘ill’ to see you?

Elizabeth:  Absolutely not, it is a modality that supports you in sickness and in health. What I love about this modality is that it acknowledges the symptoms, but it really is rooted in health and bringing health back to the person, always returning you toward greater and greater health and wholeness.

How does it help people?

Elizabeth:  It makes people feel better, a sense of overall wellness and health, ease, and hope. SourcePoint Therapy's nature and orientation is health, and health from a SP perspective brings in the qualities of order, balance, harmony and flow.  SP removes the blockages and returns the flow of health to the person. SP is based on the intention and connection to health for the human body and grounding the human being in their highest potential.

Why did it call to you as a healing modality?

Elizabeth:  I love its simplicity and its effectiveness, and how I never know what I will be doing until the person shows up and we talk and they get on the table. It really is a modality that as the practitioner you need to be present for moment by moment listening to the other person's body and system and responding in kind how to bring it back into greater harmony and attunement with health.

Why would you tell someone to try it?

Elizabeth:  Anyone who wants to feel better and root themselves in health. Also people come to me to heal and get support for a physical injury, on-going stress, mental or emotional imbalances, pregnancy support or postpartum support, chronic health conditions, you want support in resolving, to name a few. I love working with all ages...and have the pleasure to work with babies and kids as well as adults.

What can people expect when they come?

Elizabeth:  We will talk for a few moments before getting on the massage table. On the table you are fully clothes and face up. Many sink into that alert but asleep healing state, and leave feeling a sense of completion. The work continues after you leave as your body continues to self-heal.

Want more information?  Check out the SourcePoint website:

After my appointment today, and throughout the rest of this afternoon, I have felt an absolute feeling of wellness and feeling ‘right’ and good.  Of feeling like everything’s ticking along in my body.  It was different than reiki – Elizabeth puts her hands on areas that need to get energy moved through.  But similar in that she’s working with your body’s energy to get it aligned with the ‘blueprint’ of optimum health that she outlined.

You can find Elizabeth at Tula Yoga and Wellness Center.  Much peace and health to you this day and every day.

Peace. Love. Joy,