Inspiration - Conie

Inspiration. “A person, place, experience etc., that makes someone want to do or create something. – Merriam Webster Inspired. I love that feeling. I feel most alive when I am feeling inspired to do, say, create something. And I’ve been really trying to stand on that place in my life, interactions, business more often. Because it makes it come from a very authentic and enthusiastic place – and to work from that place just FEELS GOOD.

This month I’ll be sharing some of the things, quotes, art and people that help me to feel inspired. In addition, I would be incredibly grateful if you shared with me WHAT INSPIRES YOU? You can IM me through my Facebook page or respond to this blogpost with two questions in mind: 1) What inspires you? 2) Your favorite quote, book, picture that you get inspired by reading or looking at.

I’d like to start by sharing about someone who inspires me with each interaction. Her name is Conie and she does a couple of things that inspire me regularly. *She comes from a place of love – she exudes love. *She is a creative – an ACTIVE creative. Conie tills the soil of her creativity in her music, dance and artwork. *She is a hugger. I am a hugger. When we see each other, we hug.

Why do these things inspire me?

Well first, Conie reminds me to lead with love. That if you come from this beautiful and vulnerable space, you are open to receive some fantastic gifts AND you are bestowing those gifts to others.

Second, creativity, I am learning is a garden you need to TILL. Just like exercise and wellness. You have to dig deep and till your creative soil. I had a reiki session a couple of years ago with my friend Anne and she told me that I needed to nurture my creative side, my feminine side. It was the truth. It took me several years, but I am swimming in the lake of my creativity and it is filling me in a way that I had almost forgotten. And I believe that this is helping me on my wellness journey because it is balancing me. Conie LIVES her creative. She posts her artwork on her Facebook page - and I just love it's power, color and movement. And she sings and leads our 9:00 service at church - so her voice? Like an angel. And she can sit down and play a complicated piano piece, with no practice….I’ve seen it.

And third, the hugging. This kind of leads me back to the leading with love thing – but it’s more than a smile or eye contact…it’s actively exchanging your energy with someone. It’s opening yourself up physically, mentally, emotionally to give and receive physical energy from another. And Conie doesn’t ever seem afraid to share that with people. Anyhow – this inspires me to keep my walls down; to look for an opportunity to connect with others; to be open.



Here’s an example of Conie’s artwork. I’m going to be featuring it with some of my favorite quotes this month on the Turino Fitness Facebook page. I love her artwork. It’s bold and expresses a lot of feeling. I asked Conie what inspires her art. This is what she said, “My visual creations are inspired by music and the movement of my emotions. In listening to music the rhythm, melody, harmonies and overall sound inspire the line impulses on the page. The same with emotions; I sense the energy of the emotions and give it visual space to express itself. This has helped me understand myself. I started drawing-coloring as a break from using words in my journal and just to play with color without an agenda or judgment. Another great benefit is seeing the confidence of the art itself; it makes its statement and invites you to interpret it for your own self-knowledge. This is one of the gifts of this drawing-coloring practice for me: becoming more myself, more confident of myself, and strengthening my sense of value and self-worth.”



Here she is:) I love this picture. Thanks Conie for sharing your art with the world. And thanks for inspiring me (and now…others!!)