Spring into Spring – Easing in


It’s Spring!  The grass is greening up here in the upper Midwest and the snow has melted and the birds are singing.  And my favorite – the days are getting longer.  Isn’t it a great time of year? Spring is such a metaphor for life.  Renewal.  Rebirth.  Refresh.  All the RE words come around in the spring.  It’s been a cozy, dark, nestled in winter and now it’s time to transition into warmer temps.  Everything, including ourselves, is stirring and stretching and readying itself for more movement and activity.

What does that look like for you?  Are you just getting going again after some time off from moving?  Are you just starting out?  I wrote out just starting out last year at this very time of year in Spring Into Exercise.

I think easing back in is helpful.  Sometimes we are so excited to get out there and start moving, that we do too much, get super sore, and then don’t keep moving!

What if we moved into Spring slowly – transitioning into activity just like the buds on the trees and the daffodils poking up through the ground?  Letting the winter slowly melt within and inviting in some thaw?

What would that look like?

*Go for a stroll.  Breathe deeply and notice things coming back to life.

*Go for a walk/run.  Run a block with ease and walk a block.

*Stretch in the cool sunshine. Bring your towel outside and a jacket and enjoy the sun on your face as you move your body.

*Peruse a summer class.  What looks interesting for when you want to move more intentionally.

*Go for a bike ride.

*Explore some interesting, attainable goals – maybe you want to walk a 5k for charity, maybe you want to do your first triathlon, maybe you want to hike on a camping trip, maybe you want to make this your season to start strength training.  What lights you up?  How do you want to move your body this spring/summer?

It’s hard not to dive in and GOGOGO.  I understand.  But consider unfurling slowly allowing yourself to ease into summer.  Enjoy the delicious increase in energy (thank you sunshine and fresh air) that starts to flow through you.  And then?  Move with pleasure.

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Much peace!