Relaxing - A Tool for Wellness


I’ve been observing my kids as they have been at home on summer break.  They are either lounging and reading…or swimming and playing.  There’s not a lot of in between.  But when I look at them in play, even then they are relaxed.  They’re kind of relaxed all of the time. And it got me thinking…why don’t we look at relaxation as an important, necessary part of the wellness pie?

Cuz it is.

I could go all adrenal fatigue and scientific effects of stress on you…but nah.  Instead.  I’m going to invite you to explore relaxation and how it FEELS IN YOUR BODY.  And I don’t necessarily mean lolling in front of the television all of the time (though it is an utterly lovely thing to do from time to time) but instead feel how it feels to be in the state of feeling relaxed.  The state of being at ease.

When do you feel calm?  When do you feel centered?  When do you feel at ease?  What are you doing when you feel this way?

How does your body feel when you are in this space?  Calm, easy breathing.  Relaxed body and face.  Mind calm, not racing.  Stomach unclenched.

This feeling of ease can be, with practice, brought into other areas of your life.  Even in rush hour.  Even in a stressful meeting.  Even during conflict.

Really.  It’s true.

  • Notice the feeling.
  • Explore what can bring that feeling into other parts of your day. Is it simply noticing or do you need a few deep breaths?  Do you need to stretch and move?  Do you need to close your eyes and rest for a minute?
  • Approach stress and stressful situations with the position of observer. Treat them with your highest intention, but don’t get too caught up in the swirling emotions.  This is a practice.  Be gentle with yourself.  See if you can notice when you start getting amped up, and then after noticing - see if you can bring yourself to a calm center.  It’s an interesting exploration.

Invite relaxation into your play AND work.  Invite a life of ease.  Invite calm.  See how it goes.

So much peace, Sarah