Vacation Blues - Part 1


I love vacation. It is a time to kind of shut my brain off and do what I want instead of doing what I ‘should’ be doing. When my husband and I got back from our honeymoon years ago, we both wondered how to bring that feeling you have on vacation into life. Every vacation since, that idea has been on my mind…How do you bring that vacation feeling into life?

This week – I was trying to figure out what it was…that I didn’t have to worry about while on vacation.

  • Think about the calendar.
  • Think about responsibility.
  • Think about work.
  • Think about the house.
  • Think about scheduling life.
  • Think about what I eat (you kind of have to do your best on vacation…)
  • Think about social media.

So.  Life.  All of the stuff on my list…it’s life. And my life brings me JOY AND PLEASURE…so why does it feel so good to drop it?

Maybe the question isn’t how to bring vacation into life – but how can I make my life feel like a vacation?

I have this quote on my Vision Board and it says this, “Any activity done with love and presence is a spiritual practice.”

Hm. What if we brought the joy and the relaxed into the mundane or stressful?

I’mma gonna think on that and if you have any thoughts, lemme know.

Namaste, S