Taking up Space


Last weekend, there was a competition at my local Crossfit gym. They sent out pictures on our group page from the event. I started looking, really looking at the incredible women that surround me at the gym. They are strong.

They are amazing.

And friends?  They are not delicate flowers.

They kick some serious ass.

I combined what I saw with my eyes with how I’ve been feeling in my body since I started Crossfit a year ago…





But it lies in direct conflict with something glaring…my SIZE.

I’m bigger. More muscular. My ass is HUGE and my thighs are definitely loving up on each other when I walk. My shoulders and chest are broad.

None of my jeans fit anymore except for my boyfriend jeans…and they’re not baggy any longer. My bras are reaching maximum stretch around my middle. None of my underwear fits anymore.

So…naturally I thought I’d gained fat and was hating on myself. (uck.)

I actually didn’t put the two pieces really together until this week. I am bigger. I am more muscular. I have gained weight.

Yes...I have gained weight. AND ISN’T IT FREAKING FANTASTIC???

I was talking about this with my friend Amy and she said something that I want to shout from the rooftops.  Ready?  She said, “Why do women spend so much time and energy trying to take up LESS SPACE?”

Ding ding ding ding!

Why are we trying to make ourselves smaller? Why are we trying to take up less space?

The past couple of days it dawns on me that I LIKE THE CHANGES THAT ARE TAKING PLACE IN MY BODY. It’s different, to be sure, but I like it. I FEEL STRONG AND POWERFUL. And I love how I feel in my skin.

All of a sudden, I stopped freaking out about how none of my jeans could fit anymore…and started accepting that I liked how I was feeling in my body MORE than worrying about the size of my fantastic ass and thighs.

I ordered new jeans.

Let’s take up space sisters. Let’s inhabit the bodies we’ve been given fully and take up whatever space they are instead of warring with them and hating them and begging them to be smaller.

Peace, S