Getting Coached


Today I had a session with one of my Crossfit coaches and it was so good. I love classes, but sometimes you need someone’s eyeballs, someone’s expertise focused JUST ON YOU.

A good coach will assess your weaknesses and your strengths but not belabor what you can’t do. A good coach will give you the tools to progress you toward your goals. A good coach has a solid foundation of knowledge. A good coach gives a rip about you and your progress. A good coach meets you where you are. And, in the end, a good coach has HEART.

Crossfit has felt like a mountain I’m scaling. Everything feels SO HARD. And I leave often feeling dejected because of my lack of ability to perform in the way I want to…it frustrates me, challenges me, forces me to check my ego at the door. And a good coach sees that effort and recognizes it, but helps you face it and hopefully go beyond it. Today mine said something that I say often in my classes, but to hear it myself as I was hanging from a rope trying to master getting a bite so that I could climb was pure gold.

He said, “Sarah - Progress. Not perfection.”

In the gym. In life.

Progress means forward momentum. It means growth. It means a life fertilized with hard work, goals and leaning in.

Perfection is a dance with the devil…because there’s no such thing.

Today, I learned a lot of amazing new information that I hope will take me a little further up the rope. But the thing I was reminded of MOST? I really appreciate a good coach who teaches life as well…

Peace, Sarah

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