Rant. Belly hatred.


Let the rant begin: Do you hate your tummy? It's time to turn this train around and make some sweet peace with our Buddha Bellies.

1) Hey many of us grew BABIES IN THERE! Rockstars. So, love your belly - treat it kindly. Pat it, rub it, love it.

2) You can't change skin. You can tone muscle and lose fat, but you can't change skin. Mine is deliciously cellulitey because I'm mostly Irish, white skinned, and eat pizza. But I love it. I love me....

3) Loving yourself is a rebellious act in this culture!!!!!!!

4) ONE MORE THING - do you want to diet yourself into submission? I don't. I want to be fit and healthy and love myself and eat good food and drink wine and laugh. Some trainers will say diet, diet, diet...I say live life, move, laugh and learn to love your belly.

Rant over. Peace, Sarah