Making Core Stability Sexy...?


I have to laugh because when I teach core stability, I imagine people nodding off like this... giphy

So I decided to make Core Stability SEXY...haha! I figured if I put the word sexy in the mix it would generate some interest (or maybe just make you laugh.)

Some reasons why Core Stability is Sexy:

  1. Spine is stabilized from the inside layers of the muscles (my favorite - the multifidi) on out. You can have the strongest ab muscles in the world - and still have an unstable core. Believe me...
  2. More mobile. If your core is stable, your limbs can be more mobile.
  3. You can safely lift some (*&t.
  4. You have better balance.
  5. Less likely to get back injuries.
  6. Better posture.

So here's a down and drrrty core stability workout:

20 Dead Bugs ABC Plank (Plank singing the ABC's) 20 Knee/Hand Hovers 10 Opposite Knee/Hand Hover ABC Plank

If you want to see a video with me showing these exercises - Click Here.