Core Stability is Sexy - Part Deux


Let's talk about your Transverse Abdominis. This is the muscle that helps you breathe and stabilizes your pelvis and your lower back. Many people's TA's are weak and not firing – Why? Well – sitting, being sedentary, not consciously turning them on and off, pregnancy and surgical procedures (me – 2 c sections).

This can result in fun things (sarcasm) like low back pain, an unstable pelvis, the little pooch in your lower abdomen.

Here’s the deal – you don’t want to walk around constantly sucking your gut in.

That's not core stability.

What you are looking for is a STRONG CORE all of the time. One that you also have conscious control of.

We’re switching up our exercises for the month!

5- 6 Second Hollows ABC Plank 5- Hollows with Alternating Arm/Leg Extended 5 Bear Crawl – Forward/Backward on your Mat OR 5 Hand/Knee Hovers ABC Plank

Click HERE for a video link of the exercises.

Peace. And remember... #corestabilityissexy PEACE!