You know how people kind of turn up in your life when you need them? The exact right person at the exact right time shows up to help you on your journey?

That is some magical stuff. It reminds me that:

1) We're meant to help and support each other on our way. 2) Everything makes a difference. 3) One drop causes a ripple causes a wave. 4) Be open to get some 'jobs' from the Universe.

I am looking back on my last month, which was MONUMENTAL. I had one of those months that just...hoo boy. Massive growth. Massive challenge. Massive opportunity to receive.

And as I look back - there they guideposts. The people that were just there to make a difference, to teach, to support, to love, to guide. They turn the light on in the dark. They shine the way.

So grateful.

And what blows my ever-lovin' mind? It's that some of them don't even know...they're just showing up, taking the assignments from the Universe. They're not worrying about the result, or how it lands...they're just doing their work.

Every day - we get to be Guideposts. We get to stand in love and simple kindness. We get opportunities to share a kind word, a loving look, a supportive moment, a listening ear. Every day...

Let's do it. 

And to my Guideposts - so much love and gratitude. xo, S