What Lights You Up????


Do you like to do things, make things, create things - and has that creative side of you slipped away because of life, lack of time, feeling tired?? What lights you up?

That buzzy, zippy, excited feeling - ahhhh...that is a beautiful thing. That is the Universe whispering to you.

It's like the banker who writes poetry. Or the stockbroker who sells his jewelry on etsy - not because he needs the money.

Those things that light you up? Gardening, doodling, coloring, cooking, taking pictures, journaling...those things help to round out WELLNESS. They help us to FEEL WELL. They feed our spirits.

I just read a great book called "Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert. Have you read it? It reminded me that I used to be a creative being who did creative stuff all of the TIME!

So I got a camera. And I got some microphones. And I got some editing software...

And the results of which I'm unveiling to my mailing list on Friday, June 2nd. SO EXCITED!

If you want to see it, CLICK HERE: (yipes)

Friends - it doesn't have to be huge. It doesn't have to be grand. Invite creativity in - let it come in and play in your body, mind and spirit.

Let it light you up. Peace:)