You're Skin Sack

One of my teachers calls the body a Skin Sack. Every time it makes me laugh out loud. But it's true right? It's a container. It's a beautiful, wonderful container.

The thing I've noticed is that we're VERY WORRIED about how our Skin Sacks LOOK. But we're not as concerned with how our Skin Sacks FEEL.

I know people who are 10% bodyfat and FEEL LIKE CRAP.

The important thing isn't how your body's how it feels. It's being able to sense how it feels.

When you are able to get INTO your body, you start to sense and feel. Why is that important? Because then you are turning the volume up on your inner voice. You are tuning in to your Big S Self. Because your intuition, your 'gut', your inner voice - it speaks to you through your Body.

But if you feel like crap in your skin, it's really hard to hear your inner voice. It's drowned out by the mind chatter that's telling you umm a whole list of crap


What do your voices say?

A GREAT tool to help start turning the table on the voices is this book. It's called, "Making A Change for Good: A Guide to Compassionate Self-Discipline" by Cheri Huber. It's helped me take  step back and not let the voices run the show. Highly recommend.

Peace, Sarah

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