Authenticity and Social Media

In the past couple of months or so - I've been really trying to show my life, in my work, and...on social media. It started because I noticed that I wasn't using pictures of myself...much at at all, because they made me uncomfortable. I SAW that I was editing and curating myself - and it bugged me.

Because I want to show up. I want to be my authentic self. It may not look like you expect or are used to...but it's real.

So I posted a couple of things that offered the opportunity to push into that edge.



Exhibit A - Me after reading something super emotional.



Exhibit B - Me with bedhead and wrinkles:



Annndd Exhibit C - Me just being me.

I did this to press outward. To show that hey...I don't wear makeup, rarely have my hair done, and that doesn't detract from the fact that I have some things to say. It also may, or may not, help people feel that they don't have to be perfect on their social media posts either.

Because perfection is a drag.

Whatever you decide to do is cool. But wouldn't it be awesome if we could consider authenticity from time to time? To show that life isn't perfect. We're not perfect.


It humanizes us. It allows for an equalizer. It lowers the f(*&king bar so that it's set at 'real' instead of 'perfect.'

Click here to see my Authenticity Invite via video.

Namaste, Sarah