About that time I slipped into disordered eating.



Sometimes, when I look back at the pictures from this summer, I get a little mmm... confused. I don't recognize that woman in the picture. And it's not just because I was 25 pounds lighter (I don't have a scale, so it could be more.) It's because the way she was in the world is SO different than the way I am in the world now.

I want to hug her and tell her that her worth isn't determined by her size, her fitness level, her ability to conquer long distances, or by anything on the outside. Her worth is determined simply because she is. Simply is. She is a gift. An essential part of the whole. Loved. Cherished. Seen.

If you are wrestling with your size in relation to your worth. I want to tell you something important. Feeling well in my soul helped me to feel good in my skin. And it didn't, doesn't, have ONE THING to do with having cellulite or not having cellulite, being cut or being soft, being fit or out of shape.

Feeling well in my soul came from simply loving the gift that is me. My body is just the shell that holds me. I take care of it because it is a beautiful gift. Taking care of myself springs from my self love. But there are no expectations on treating myself to wellness anymore. No limitations either.

I eat whole food. I drink a lot of water. I move my machine in a way that pleases me. And my body - my spirit - my mind has found balance.

I hope you can too - because you're so very worth it.