Care. What does caring for your Self look like?

Since fall, I've been in this weird place of really needing to give myself care, but feeling guilty about it. So I did this thing as an experiment. For 4 weeks, I did something nice for myself every day. Some days it was just a little longer shower...or taking the time to shave (gasp!)

But for 28 days, I focused on my own care.

Self-careself-lovemonth (1)

Self-careself-lovemonth (1)

It didn't cost anything (all of the care offered myself took very little time or money.) I ended up feeling more full-up, content, and at peace with my beautiful self.

I thought you might like to try it I put together kind of what I did - ideas, affirmations, some worksheets to give you things to think about and a calendar to schedule your care.

If you're into it, click on this: self-careself-lovemonth in the for some ideas.

I hope it helps remind you that you're worth your own loving kindness.

Peace, love, joy. Sarah