When you f(&*k up


I’m not a fan of f(&*king up. Who is, I suppose? But when I do, I like to say – “I f9&*ked up and I’m so sorry.”

Last month, I did a podcast for Parent Town. It was on Body Image.

While I was doing the interview, I used some vernacular that I didn’t even realize that I had used until I listened to the podcast. When I did, I heard the words and immediately wished I hadn’t said them and felt such regret.

What I said:

Two times I said the words, “on the warpath.”

And once I said, “crazy.”

The first was insensitive to indigenous people – I am sorry. I regret the use of the words and will do better.

The second was insensitive to people living with mental illness – I am sorry. I regret the use of the word and will do better.

I want to be clear – I don’t want or need you to say “it’s not a big deal” or “don’t get upset” or to validate me in any way. Instead, I want you to just hear that I messed up and that I own that mess up. I regret if it caused any harm and I will work to do better next time.

Words are powerful. They can build or destruct. They can love or hate. They can cause microaggressions and harm.

In the future, I'll use my words more carefully.

Peace, Sarah