ONE Thing to Help Your Low Back Pain

Your body is brilliant. It may not feel that way because it's not cooperating with you or is in pain...but really, your body is brilliant. When something isn't functioning due to injury or sensory motor amnesia (brain/muscle forgetting how to work together properly) other muscles come on line to help you.

And that's beautiful...and sometimes painful when they overwork or are causing misalignment.

With regard to your low back - often there are 3 reasons or combination of reasons your back hurts:

  1. Lack of stability in your core

  2. Lack of spinal mobility

  3. Misalignment

Best ways to begin to address these things is Core Stability - of the many practices to stabilize your core?


Learn more by watching this short video below:

In the video, I talk about two blog posts that invite core stability - here are the links:

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Diaphragmatic Breath is one of the BEST GIFTS YOU CAN GIVE YOURSELF.

Start to notice what it feels like to soften the area around your middle. Put a hand on the space between your belly button and the bottom of your ribs. Breathe. Are you belly breathing? When do you lose your diaphragmatic breath? Can you diaphragmatically breath while you're sitting? Standing?

Here's a 5 minute practice. Enjoy.