10 Things I've Learned @ 50

50 As I sit with a cup of coffee and fingers on the keyboard…the words start to pulse forward.

Today I’m 50. And why does it feel so monumental and so mundane all at once?


I have been on the Earth for 50 years. How is that possible? I was just bombing around Belle Fourche, SD in my Volkswagon Thing smoking Swisher Sweets with my girlfriends! (gross!)

Untitled design (32)

Untitled design (32)

For some reason today, there are tender tears right behind my eyes. When I look back, when I sit in the present, when I imagine my future…it all seems really sweet. And that moves me.

So I thought I’d just share a list of ten things that on my 50th trip around the sun that mean something to me:

  1. Life’s short. It may not feel short, but it is SO short. Enjoy the shit out of it.

  2. Love your people hard. Hug them. Call them. Pull them close.

  3. Be open to newness. New people, new food, new places. Taste the world.

  4. Be grateful. Grateful for this one amazing, beautiful, messy, fantastic thing called LIFE.

  5. Find your center. Where is that small, still voice within? Find it. Listen to it. Follow it.

  6. Live out loud. Shine brightly. Do your thing unabashedly.

  7. Recognize the people with the least. Serve them. Follow them. Live from the place of humility.

  8. Don’t get too attached. Don’t grip. Don’t cling. Try and enjoy the permeability of it all and don’t get too attached to outcomes.

  9. Whatever you’ve been told, you are a tremendous gift. See if you can mine that treasure and see it, celebrate it, enjoy it in yourself.

  10. Eat the croissant. Savor it. Let it flake apart in your mouth. Slow down.

I love this life and I’m so grateful for it all. I want to fling my arms around it all and squeeze.

In gratitude, Sarah