Spinal Mobility - Cat/Cow

One of the BEST GIFTS to give yourself is Spinal Mobility. It is the one practice I try and do every day. There are many practices that offer you spinal mobility and core stability. One fairly common one is moving from cat pose to cow pose. It's fun to watch people do cat/cow pose when I teach. Often I see the head leading the movement and the tail moving, but there isn't any movement of the shoulder blades. Often people don't move through this slowly, the slower you move - the more you're asking your brain to get connected to the movement.

Feel jerky movements when you move slowly? GREAT that's an indicator of sensory motor amnesia - or areas where your brain and muscles aren't as connected as they could be. Every time you pass through, you'll over yourself more and more connection.

This scapulothoracic area really gets sticky. Why? Because we use phones, computers, drive etc. A LOT. Our shoulders tend to round forward and we lose cortical awareness and control of our chest and upper back.

So let's play with some spinal mobility. Let's break apart cat/cow. You can break cat/cow into lots of pieces to feel more in the movement.

  1. Just move shoulder blades toward/away from spine.

  2. Just tilt tail up/down

  3. Do both. Notice your head doesn't lead the movement, but naturally follows the undulation of your spine.

  4. Try rocking a little forward in your cow and a little back in your cat.

  5. Play with slowing down. Can you control the movement if you move slowly?

Other ways to play with it:

  • Try it seated in a chair.

    1. Try it standing with hands on knees.

Enjoy! Sarah