Body Appreciation 1 - The Disconnect

There is this thing that happens, for many reasons, that I call "The Disconnect." That moment when you disconnect from your beautiful body. All of a sudden you're at odds with it. Frustrated with it. Disgusted by it.

Click here to watch a little about β€œThe Disconnect.”

I watch my youngest running around and fully embodied in herself. It is a thing of beauty. I watch my oldest and remember the strange discomfort that happens when you're a teenager - too tall, too thin, clutzy.

It is the human experience, but marketers take advantage of what is meant to be a stage. They prolong it so that a human never feels good and right in their skin.

  • Lose weight.

  • Boob implants.

  • Botox.

  • Tummy tucks.

  • Lipo

  • Photoshop

And this just scratches the surface.

The thing is - your body in whatever form is how you sense and feel and experience this life. We're going to be talking more about appreciating your body in upcoming weeks. For now, start to notice the areas and spaces that you have a dislike, distaste, frustration with your body.

See where you hang out.

Peace, Sarah