Do you.

Over the years, I’ll look up from my own plate and look around and see what other people are doing. If I’m not sure in myself…secure and grounded…sometimes it shakes me. Looking at what other people are doing can make me feel like mayyybe I’m on the wrong course.

They have so many more followers.

They seem to be SO successful.

Ahhhh there it is. My small self yelling for my attention…

And I have to say to myself, really loudly:


It might LOOK like a good idea to do what other people are doing, but here’s the truth.

It's just another case of should's

She's doing that...I should do that
Oh look he's doing that, maybe I should

Instead, consider quieting down and figuring out your own path.

When we get distracted by someone else's path, it takes time and energy away from YOUR work.

So this is for me AND for you.

Do you.

You are gifted with unique and special talents.

Quiet down, figure out your own thing, then do you.

Share your gifts.

xo, S