My Favorite Gift

My girls and I had a conversation a couple of days ago about “What was your favorite gift?”

Their favorite gifts were some iteration of legos and facial products.

They said, “What about you mom?”

Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at 10.28.46 AM.png

When I opened the envelope, I assumed it would be another Christmas card…except it had been delivered to Tula Yoga & Wellness. I was curious as I peeled the envelope open.

Inside were the most loving, caring, beautiful words I’ve read in some time. A woman who comes to my class wrote about what she’d learned, how the class made her feel, how important our contact had been.

It made me tear up and it was, is, my favorite gift.

Someone shared that I had impacted them.

And it was my favorite gift.

I’m going to take some time out over the next week to send letters to those people who took the time, who saw me, who made impact.

I think the world need more of that.

I see you. Do you see me?

xo, Sarah

SpiritJessica Hall Burns