Honor Your Needs

fall self talk (1).png

Some people volunteer at church, school, community. Some people bake things for bake sales and do rummage sales. Some people volunteer in classrooms and serve on boards and go to meetings.

I love and respect people who serve in this way and am so grateful for them.

But...I am not that person.

Because here's the thing...I know myself. I know where my gifts lie. and I know how I can best share those gifts with the world.

My gifts lie in helping people in different ways. Writing. Teaching. Holding space.

And I have to honor that knowing.

It was through trial and error...so much trial and error. When I'd be left cranky and depleted with nothing left to give my family. When I'd be so tired and tapped out, that I had no energy. (INTROVERT.)

That I finally realized I had to change things:

1) Know yourself.
2) Honor your needs.
3) Rinse and repeat.

Everyone's needs are different!!

Mine involve a lot of quiet. Nature. Time off of electronics. Creating things. Playing in the dirt. On my mat. Moving my body. Chopping vegetables. Reading.

And if I don't honor my needs.

I am not able to give the world, my people, my work, my clients - MY BEST.

Honor your needs. Keep it simple. What would help support you to do what you love, be present with those you love, be your best self?

Because in honoring your needs.

You're also honoring yourself.

And you're worthy.