Stone Soup

Lake Superior

Lake Superior

Over the summer, we spent our time at Lake Superior. It was, of course, outstanding for the adults. But it was sometimes a chore for the kids...and that made it a chore for me.

I thought, "How can I engage them? How can they see, hear, sense and feel this place? How can this become a place they look forward to as much as I do?"


One day, I took them to a pebble beach down the way. It is secluded and absolutely FILLED with lake glass. Hours passed with them skimming and running over to show me their finds. It was like meditation - single pointed focus.

Lake Superior Stones

Lake Superior Stones

The family became obsessed with collecting sea glass and little stones that spoke to us. Out of this was born Stone Soup. Do you know this story?

As a family, we made earrings and necklaces (which we are in the process of perfecting.) Each stone so precious to us and hand chosen. Tumbled and loved up. Sorted and matched with it's mate. Then mounted on a pierced earring posts. The girls printed out the earring holders, punched holes in them, and then put them on the cards. It became a family project.

Last week I mentioned the lake, and the girls were so excited to get back up there.

Simple pleasures.


If you like Lake Superior stones as much as we do - check them out! Half of the proceeds will go to the water protectors at Honor the Earth. The other half will go into their college accounts. We hope you enjoy them - they’re sweet. Click here.

xo, S

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