When I connect - it is from a place of deep gratitude and humility. My relationship with the Divine is equally complex and simple. But often as I inhale, there is "hi - so glad to connect" and as I exhale it is "thaaaanks" with deep reverence.


And sometimes it's just me breathing and crying.

At the beauty.

At the simplicity.

At the complexity.

I feel it humming under, around, through us all.

We all have it.

Throughout my life I seek the seekers. The people willing to talk with me about this connection.

Sometimes, I'm met with a disconnect or a glassy stare.

And always I want to ask - "Oh dear one, why do you avoid this beautiful, innate, deep connection with your Self - with the All?"

Are you afraid of your Self?

Have you been taught that you are powerless?

Has your power been taken from you?

But reach and touch it - it's right there for you. To hold you and gift you with your own healing.

So simple.
So complex.

SpiritSarah Turino