Doing Business


There are parts of my job that I don't really enjoy. One is marketing. If I could, I'd give it all away for free. Seriously.

Here's how I do business:

  1. Make quality work that makes the world a better place.

  2. Price it fairly to have an equitable exchange of energy. If you can't afford something let me know, we'll talk sliding scale.

  3. If I only have one person buy it or come to class, that is the ONE person I was meant to serve.

  4. Give back. Currently around 25% of what I make goes back out into the world - particularly the work of BIPOC, BIWOC and to the LGBTQIA community.



The thing that bugs me about marketing is that it feels manipulative. It is a continuation of the whole, "Look you're broken, let's FIX YOU."

It makes me want to take a shower.

Here's the thing:

You are amazing, a gift, a treasure. Perfectly imperfect.

But we get dinged around, roughed up by life. And sometimes we aren't taught tools.

I'm not going to stand on your pain point and pressure you into fixing yourself. Gross.

What feels ok for me to say is, "Hey friend. This helped me; maybe it will help you too." or "I've learned some things. Let me share them with you."

I don't have all of the answers. I have learned some things that have worked for me, helped me, changed me.

Maybe they can work for you, help you, change you.


Success is how you define it.

It's really easy to get hooked in to what we have been taught about success and failure. But it's tied into a system that has been built on oppression.


If you unpack that...that means you have to question EVERYTHING. Everything that you thought you believed or were taught to believe is to be questioned and perhaps dismantled.

Including business. Including how you do business.

So I have had to unhook from many things around business.

I've had to look and do my own deep dive into cultural appropriation, into my own lineage and how we oppressed people, into how I can live in the world - do my work - and do it differently.

Now, for me success is defined by connecting with and helping people. Honestly, if I can help even ONE person, I feel successful. And the more I give, the more in alignment I feel. And the more connected I am...with the All, with others, with my Self.

I'm constantly unpacking and dismantling. It is for life. But here is where I am now.

Thank you for being here. I am grateful.

xo, Sarah

MindSarah Turino