Dance Parties

We started Dance Parties when the kids were little. 

It would be the witching hour. That time between 4-6 pm when I was at the end of my tether, the girls at the end of theirs.

How could we make it through without screaming, crying and yelling?

Well...truth be told, we didn't.

Dance Party.jpg

On those days when I could sense that she*t was going to hit the fan, I'd pull out pots and pans, turn them upside down for drums. Give the kids a variety of utensils to bang on them. Crank up the music really loud.

And our dinner prep dance parties were born.

Sometimes my partner would come home and we'd be jamming out and he'd join in...all four of celebrating another day.

And then we'd sliiiiiiide into bath and bedtime. Tired. Smiling. Grateful.

The kids are older now. But they join me from time to time and it is so good. They remember.

They remember that when things are hard, you can dance. And dancing often makes things better. That you can sometimes change the trajectory of your day.

Give it a shot.