Moving Your Body - Two Paths

Do ever feel like there is just SO MUCH wild information about exercise out there? It all sometimes feels…


And then you get bombarded with images of people that are SO lean that clearly they MUST be exercising for 4 hours every day and eating a piece of celery.

So here is what the normal person is left with…

Society is telling me I should look like this (imagine image of super skinny and lean person.)


In order to get there we need to exercise our asses off.

UGH. It’s no wonder no one knows what the hell to do anymore.


Here’s an idea to invite in more movement. Imagine it like you get to choose two different paths.

1) Natural movement - Parking far away, taking the stairs, dancing while cooking your dinner, climbing a hill because it’s there, jumping for joy, walking to the grocery store instead of driving.


2) Intentional movement - “I am going to MOVE” so you go for a walk, you schedule a class, you go to the gym to move some weight around, you go for a run, you are intentionally moving. Your goal? Think breathlessness. Think about what makes you feel STRONG. Do those things. And do them not because you HAVE TO - but because you WANT TO. What do you like to do that makes you feel strong? What do you like to do that makes you feel breathless.

Make sense?

And keep this mantra in mind:


Move in a way that pleases you.

Move in a way that pleases you with regularity.

Here’s a FB Live I did on these two paths with some more details.

Peace, Sarah