Today is a sitting day for work. I'm editing, creating course graphics and getting caught up on emails.

Lots of sitting. 😑

There’s a lot of research that says we sit too much and it can be the cause of low back pain among other things.

So I try to not sit for too long OR if I have to sit - I like to break up my time in my chair. Here are some of the tricks I use to help me not become one with my chair.

1) Drink water so you have to get up to pee regularly.

2) Set a notification on the 20-30 minute mark to remind you to get up and move around.

3) Checking your phone? Make it a rule you have to stand if you're on your phone.

4) Schedule an official break time to intentionally move. Mine is 12 for a walk outside and 2 for a mobility session.

5) Break out your standing desk if you have one. Mine is up and I just switch back and forth.

6) Switch the way you sit. Add a pillow, change chairs, mix it up.

7) Make your sitting productive. Figure 4 stretches are a lovely way to add some mobility while seated.

8 ) Check in with your breath. Often we aren't diaphragmatically breathing when were seated and/or when we're working. Can you invite in your belly breath?

9) Stick your head out the door and take a few breaths of fresh air.

10) Dance breaks.

Be conscious of your sitting. Notice how much time you spend cumulatively sitting throughout your day. Then try some measures to counteract all of the sitting.



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