Your Beautiful Machine

What is your body but a beautiful machine that houses your spirit?


It moves you.
Allows you to sense the world.
Allows you to communicate with others.
Allows you to touch and hug and kiss.
Allows you to connect.
Allows you to speak.
Allows you to do what you choose to do in your life.

It's a miracle.
In whatever shape.
In whatever condition.
In whatever ability.
In whatever color.
In whatever age.

What have you been told about your beautiful body?
Did you believe them?

What would it feel like to hold your body gently?
Tenderly caressing the wear and tear.
Gingerly holding the pain.
Speaking sweetly.
Touching with feather fingers the parts that you've been told are too big, too little, not enough, lacking, too much, not right, broken.

What would it feel like to gift your body with loving care?
What if it's more than just a body?
What if it is just a body?

Either way - it is your vehicle to drive through this roadtrip of life.

Fill 'er up.