The Process of Aging


When I see the wear on my beautiful machine, I am mostly surprised. No one expects to age.

There have been so few systems to set us up for it. There are so few messages around delighting in the process. It's not talked about in any tangible way. The messages are conflicting.

Do I try and cling to my youth? Fighting the age back with injections and botox and facelifts?


Do I just embrace it all? Embrace the whole process...

The grey springing out.
The laugh lines deepening.
My skin softening and hanging differently on my body.
Softer around the edges.

I don't have any judgment about people who choose to beat back aging.

I believe in body autonomy.

Do what you want. It is your body.

But I have to tell you that getting caught in the anti-aging machine is the same machinery as the diet industry. Same machine, different message.

So I'm going to gently pat my softening cheeks and hug my body close and keep unhooking.


Again and again and again.