Remember when you moved around for fun?

Maybe you...

Wheeled as fast as you could.
Jumped up to hit a leaf.
Pedaled hard and fast.
Wind in your face.
Rode on the back of your friend's bike hanging on for dear life.
Splashed in puddles.
Heaved deep gulps of air after racing.
Danced until you collapsed sweaty on your bed.
Spun round and round stopping and letting the dizziness swirl you.



I think we get in our own way around moving. If we can't get to the gym or do something that we deem as "exercise" we just don't do it.

Then, it just doesn't happen.

Oh crap, I couldn't get to the gym I guess it's a wash.

The thing that is really important to remember is that the act of moving your body does MORE for you than just get your heartrate up, build your muscles, lose weight or whatever we've been told exercise is good for...

So much more.

If you can buy into the idea that it's all connected - all of you - your body, mind and spirit. Then take each system and let's break it down:

Circulatory & Respiratory - Efficiently helps you feed your cells and oxygenate your body. When you breathe better, you're less likely to hang out in fight or flight - more in rest and digest. Yay! That means more steady easy and better digestion.

Digestive & Excretory - Moving helps you digest better. Also it helps you metabolize food and feed your cells - therefore your whole body. 

Nervous - Well there's a lot happening here. But moving helps you think better. It helps you think more clearly and gives you a better memory. 

Endocrine - Helps you to balance your hormones. Also you get happy hormones from moving your body.

Immune - Helps you to fight off disease and illness.

Reproductive systems - Helps you feel more sexually active also more confident.

All good things.

What if you just tried to:

Move in a way that pleases you.
Move in a way that pleases you with regularity.

This month I tried to do just that - move for pleasure every day. Would you like to try it? I did it in April, but it can be 30 days starting from TODAY. Just move.

If you like, here is a worksheet to give you some ideas and help you give your SELF some ideas about reframing exercise. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD.

This is a topic I’m passionate about…because people get in their own way around moving. You can learn more by watching this video. It’s really an important shift that I’m inviting you to consider:

The motivation behind your moving is REALLY IMPORTANT!

Do you move to punish your body for being something that it's not?

Consider your motivation.

Is your movement to celebrate the strength, vitality, amazingness of your body? Is it because you love it? Or hate it?

Because what lies behind your moving is important.

Your body in whatever ability, shape or way it functions is a gift.

And when you move from that place, it changes how you move and why you move.

Celebrate and delight in the gift.