An Ode to the Judgey

Recently I spent time with someone who had strong opinions about what I 'should' be wearing...

That somehow what I put on my body is important.


The holes in my jeans.
My jeans too tight.
Tattoos on my arms.
Short sleeves.
Yoga pants.

That all of this was somehow not appropriate for a woman my age.


I've sat with this now and really took some time to compose an appropriate response.

Maybe it will help you too when you come across these kinds of people.

The headshakers.
The unsolicited opinion givers.
The judgemental.
The wrinkled noses.
The look downers.
The tsk tskers.

You ready? Here it is.

Piss off.

I get to wear what I want.
I get to be how I want.
I get to shine brightly.
We all do.

And if my shine bugs you?
That's on you.

And if my holey jeans and tattoos bug you?
That's on you.

Thanks for attending my TED Talk.
The end.

Shine on.